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  • PERPETUAL LICENSE. Subscribe once, use forever. Only pay updated fees when you need it and a new version is available.
  • LOWEST PRICE. Try out the Order Page. See how BSI saves you money on small and bulk orders (Price Schedules Below)
  • FLEXIBILITY. Download content on an unlimited basis, pay the following month.
  • FREE RETURNS. No charge for content downloaded for scoping and subsequently NOT USED if SUBSCRIBER reports to BSI that data is purged < 30 days
  • MOST CURRENT. Far greater percentage of all content < 12 months old. BSI invites you to compare
  • TAX ROLL ATTRIBUTES COME FREE, joined to the parcel boundaries, including situs, value, age, floor/lot area, use, type, owner Info
  • DETAILED METADATA. Metadata inc. Version, Completeness, ACC, %OWN, %SITUS, %USE CODE & %Characteristics (value, year built, floor area, use code)
  • US POSTAL SERVICE COMPLIANT (10 field) situs. Ten matched fields ‐ perfect joining to other USPS compliant records
  • PARCELATLAS Online Deployment of NPDP with API for easy integration with Bing and Google constantly updated including full attributes
  • QDDR. Every quarter you receive a Quarterly Data Disposition Report listing ADDED CONTENT, UPDATED CONTENT and ALL CONTENT
  • ROLLOVER. Instant access to all RealtyTrac Tax Roll database records on a one off or bulk listings online or desktop.
  • Change Detection. Acquire digital parcel data for same area for two to six different years including 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • SEAMLESS USA. Campaign to complete a 3,141 open record county NPL affordable to all continuously striving to get all closed record counties to GO OPEN.
  • FREE CONSULTING. Program development consulting from long time GIS veterans, at no cost with any NPDP/ParcelAtlas Subscription
  • IP ADVANTAGE. Comes with right to locate an address within a national parcel layer by displaying parcel boundary: Patents 957 & 7,499,946, and 7,516,156

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