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NPDP Test Disclaimer

This web site has been created for the purposes of providing the Recipient visitor a reasonable means of evaluating NPDP data.

By logging on and using the NPDP Download Web page sponsored by BSI, I agree to the terms set forth in this Disclaimer.

BSI, as a data supplier, provides the information that may be obtained herein on an “as–is” basis, and shall incur no responsibility or liability as to the completeness or accuracy of this information, it being based on public records sourced from the public agencies that maintain the provided information.

BSI and its data supplier(s), including the public agencies from which the data was sourced, make no express or implied warranty of any kind, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, nor is BSI or its data supplier(s) responsible for errors or omissions.

Recipient assumes full liability and responsibility for the use of the information that is provided, and understands that it is the proprietary information under copyright of BSI and/or its data supplier(s).

It is understood that the use of this NPDP data is restricted to testing purposes to determine whether or not Recipient chooses to purchase BSI NPDP data. Recipient acknowledges that BSI’s NPDP data may be protected by copyright, and agrees not to reverse engineer, or decompile said information obtained hereunder. Recipient further agrees not to copy and/or share the BSI provided digital data, or any portion thereof, with others outside of the Recipient’s organization for any form of direct commercial exploitation.

Recipient shall protect against any unauthorized use/release of the information. Neither BSI nor its data supplier(s) are responsible for any damages arising from Recipient’s use of or inability to access the information.

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