Key Personnel

Dennis H. Klein, President & CEO Boundary Solutions, Inc.: BSCE U. of Maryland MSCE UCB. 15 Years experience in municipal and infrastructure planning San Mateo County Chief of Comprehensive Planning; Bechtel Project Planner 25 years experience in Municipal and infrastructure GIS Applications 11 years Facility Mapping Systems, Inc. CEO - GIS SW purchased by NASDQ company8 years primary developer of nation's first national digital parcel map layer.

Lawrence Edelman, Corporate Counsel,Intellectual property legal professional with many years of licensing, patent and copy write experience with high tech companies including Hexcel, Intel and Applied Materials. Directs all licensing operations to expedite data release agreements with data sponsors. Mr. Edelman is the author of the recently awarded Patent 7,092,957 . Author of the successful PRA violations petition to the California Attorney General. Advisory to the Santa Clara County vs. California First Amendment Rights Consortium.

Chris Harlow, VP Marketing and Communications Boundary Solutions, Inc. has over twenty–five years of I/T industry experience as a senior executive manager, consultant, and developer. VP information Technology at San diego Gas & Electric where he directed the co development of IBM’s GFIS. He later formed Integrated Information Systems (IIS), IBM’s first GIS business partner. Mr. Harlow is the founding president of the GeoSpatial Information Technology Association, known as GITA. He is the editor of The Harlow Report – Geographic Information Systems (

Jim Finlay, Director 15 years Real Estate appraisal experience. vice-president of Wells Fargo real-estate technical service. Directs BSI REIS product and service offerings.

BSI Business Partners

Blue Raster, LLC Michael Lippmann, President BA Geography, Cornell University ESRI Business Partner - provides business mapping solutions for rapid GIS development operations. Acting as 3rd Party to BSI in implementing the NPDP within the ESRI ArcWeb Services, Industry's leading commodity (pay as you go) online GeoServer offering responsible for development of digital parcel API and new account implementation.

PlaceBase mounted, and is keeping current, the entire NPDP on their PushPin geoserver bottomed on a Virtual Earth land base. The PushPin API provides web developers, with no prior mapping expertise, the ability to implement complex, multi-layer interactive maps. These maps offer end users a familiar experience no more challenging than pulling up driving directions from a consumer site. Other mapping APIs begin and end with control over the map itself. Pushpin’s API offers additional functions that simplify building the overall application. For example, a simple API call allows developers to filter out map markers that fail to meet specific criteria.

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