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 Custodians of the NPDP
National Parcelmap Data Portal  

Boundary Solutions Inc. began assembling the National ParcelMap Data Portal (NPDP), 16 years ago. It was the first current normalized digital GIS parcel map database sourced through jurisdictions throughout the United States.

This national GIS parcel map content service includes seamless coverage for 95% of all urban counties. We have seamless coverage of several states and most remote areas.

Terms and conditions for acquiring more jurisdictions are in place for a total of 136 million parcels.

NPDP content comes with extensive tax roll attributes, including US Postal Service compliant situs (actual) street addresses, valuation, use codes, owner information, year built, unit sales information and many other property characteristics.

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The NPDP Advantage

Is it Expensive?

Visit our order page and select your parcel maps from 180 metropolitan areas. Let us know what you want. Receive an instant quote. Be surprised by the low price. Don’t see what you need? Call us at 415-381-1750. Our database is constantly being updated.

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